Security & Automation

COS provides the best products & solutions of proficient quality to satisfy Security and Automation needs of customers. We offer a full range of surveillance, access, fire, building automation and building management solutions.

COS is a leading service provider of CCTV camera maintenance service, fire alarm maintenance service, access control maintenance service, PA (Public Address) system maintenance service.

We have services which includes wholesaling and trading products like Automation Security Systems, CCTV Camera, Audio-Visual and video conferencing Systems, Physical and perimeter Security Products and Alarm Systems which are corrosion resistant, light weight and of low maintenance.

COS offers expert advice on security systems, consultancy, risk assessment, gap analysis and complete solution from design to completion of the project maintaining the confidentiality in all projects.


We provide security and surveillance systems which are designed with comprehensive technology, advanced features and industry-ideal quality in collaboration with our partner manufacturers.

Our managed security services can transform your surveillance cameras into the next level of your security system which leverages the power of your network into a higher level of protection and security.

Fire Alarm and Detection

Fire Alarm and Detection Systems are now an essential component of building and facility safety. Our fire alarm solutions are flexible enough to provide the required protection and integrate into your total building / facility management system.

Our Fire Alarm and detection services provide early detection and warning during fire break outs. We offer the best fire alarm systems that have been tested to comply with fire codes.

Access Control

Controlling access to your facility electronically is the logical choice for increasing security and reducing cost. We offer client-server or web -based access control solutions for any sized business including, fully integrated solutions for enterprise clients as well as hosted solutions for simple cost effective systems management.

We manage both interior and exterior locks with remote central locking. Manage access control settings and integrate your system dashboard with your security system and video surveillance.

Our access control system can serve as an integral part of your security system by replacing the traditional lock system and integrating the record of those entering your organization. We even integrate your access control system into your video surveillance network and the security and fire alarm system for seamless security.


We provide a wide range of entrance security solutions which gives you control over the movement of individuals to, from and around a site.