Workshop Services

Cathode Plate Refurbishment Services

We have recently acquired state-of-the-art cathode plate refurbishment machinery from CATHODEX, a renowned company based in Finland to our Kolwezi facility

Congo Online Solutions offers:

  • Furnishing of permanent edge strips to new or used plates
  • Through this option the client, send us their own new or used plates in order to install Cathodex permanent edge strips to the plate.

  • Maintenance and repairment services for cathode plates
  • The maintenance and repairment of the plate includes the following procedures:

    • Removal of old edge strips
    • Normal or major straightening of the plate
    • Hanger bar straightening
    • Lifting hooks repairment
    • Cleaning of the surface of the plate
    • Automated plate brushing
    • Extruding of Permanent edge strip
    • Straightening and tension removal
    • Quality control

For repair and maintenance services Congo online Solutions is equipped with the following machines from CATHODEX, These machines are used to give maintenance for used cathode plates with or without welded hanger bars

  • Perforation unit
  • Permanent edge strip manufacturing machine
  • Automated brushing unit
  • Corner edge strip unit
  • V-groove repairment unit
  • Straightening and tension removal unit

General In-house Fabrication Capabilities

Congo Online Solutions offers a complete compliment of manufacturing and fabrication services, all in-house at our Kolwezi facility. The biggest advantage to our customers is that we support you through the entire process. We ensure that your requirements and budget are met in the timeframe you needs.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Congo Online Solutions offers a wide range of structural fabrication services. Our capabilities and experience includes large skids, industrial and commercial structures, platforms, ladders, stairs, pipe supports, and miscellaneous accessories.

Pipeline Fabrication

Congo Online Solutions pipe fabrication capabilities include carbon steel and stainless steel of all diameters and wall thicknesses. Our extensive library of ASME welding procedures allows us the flexibility to choose the most efficient welding process to complete the work.

The welding of pressure piping systems is completed by a certified Welder to the latest ASME B31 Codes

Congo Online Solutions has structural steel fabrication shop. Our welding procedures allows us to complete carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminium projects.

Manufacturing of Pump Skids


  • Dewatering Pump Skids
  • LP & HP Dosing System
  • Phosphate Dosing System
  • Hydrazine Dosing System
  • Ammonia Dosing System
  • Corrosion inhibitor Dosing System
  • Sulphuric Acid Dosing System
  • Additive Injection System
  • DMDS & many more


  • Boiler dosing systems (low pressure / high pressure)
  • Flocculent dosing systems (Fully Automatic)
  • Hypo chloride-dosing system
  • Acid dosing system
  • Corrosion inhibitor dosing System
  • Sulphuric acid dosing system
  • Additive injection system