Mechanical Services

COS have been actively involved in the business landscape of the region and have successfully registered with all the major mining companies operating here. Our experience and reputation have positioned us as a trusted partner in the mining industry.

COS has manufacturing solutions based in the Kolwezi DRC, the company has the following integrated divisions, comprising of

  • OEM Sales & Service
  • Process Equipment
  • Skids
  • Structural Steel
  • Storage Tanks
  • Plant Maintenance
  • STG – Steam Turbo Generator – Spare sales & service

OEM Sales & Service

We are proud channel partners for many companies as mentioned below. We can provide partnership letters upon request. We actively support our partners in installation and service activities, and additionally, we have a dedicated sales and service team that focuses on providing OEM support.

Artic Airdries - RSA Sales, Installation & commissioning of Air driers for instrument air, heatless twin adsorption towers, activated alumina, mufflers etc.,
Castolin Eutectic - UAE Wear resistant hardox plates, welding electrodes, welding machines, pump corrosive resistant coatings
Automation Control Systems, RSA Linear Control Valves, Rotary Control Valves, Knife Gate valves, Gate valves Globe Valves, Check Valves, Manual Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Valve Top Controllers, GO Switches 7 Sensors. Represents Brands Like Fisher, Emerson, Keystone, Bettis, Sempell, yarway, Hytork & KTM
CompAir. - RSA Sales, Installation & commissioning of downstream equipment including dryers, filtration products, condensate treatment, nitrogen generators, heat recovery systems and management systems
Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A, Italy / IntraMech Small to large water chillers and heat-pumps, both air and water source and is not limited to that therefore since also includes Air Handling Units and Roof-Tops
FLO-TEK - RSA HDPE Pipes, HDPE Elbows, Bends HDPE Tees
Cathodex Oy, Finland Sales & Refurbishment of Cathode Plates
Franklin Electric Large Submersible Well Pumps & Turbines Vertical Line Shaft turbine Pumps Artificial Lift Pumps
Becker Engineering Systems - RSA Sales, Installation & commissioning of Submersible pumps, horizontal & vertical slurry pumps for mining applications
MOGAS Industries, Inc, USA Copper Slurry ore transport valves, Valves for Mining Pipelines, Pneumatic valve Actuators & Valves for Autoclave operations

Process Equipment’s

COS provides complete design, detail engineering, fabrication, testing (NDT), and post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) to meet clients' specifications and requirements.

Product & Services List


  • Pressure Vessels in CS , SS & Claded
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Tanks in CS & SS
  • Ducts & Stacks


  • Pipe Spools in CS, SS & HDPE
  • Process Lines in CS, SS & HDPE


COS’s Skid Division is one of the solutions provider through integration in the region, we offer the full spectrum of flow-metering skids, Supervisory control systems, Chemical Injection packages, Truck loading Skids and Instrumentation Packages Units. We provide customized integrated solutions, especially in the Mining industry for upstream, Midstream and Downstream,

We are focused on customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements & quality standards at all times. We are committed to maintain the quality control in the comprehensive areas of design, development, manufacturing, installation and service; we are equipped with the testing facilities within our own premises.

Products & Services List

  • Metering Control Systems Liquid.
  • Chemical Injection Skids.
  • Truck Loading Skids.
  • ZV Skids

Chemical Injection Skids

Generally the mine Extraction process requires Injection for its application. Chemical injection systems typically consist of multiple chemical services with associated single or multi-compartment storage tanks or pressure vessels.

In the Injection, Major factor is the Injection rate and Injection temperature.

The purpose of injecting the chemicals into a system is to protect the mechanical integrity of the system from accelerated corrosion and prevent scale formation.

COS designs, fabricate, test, commission and install all custom-built injection system based on client requirement over a wide ranges of process application.

COS has wide experience of large Number of Skid Integration and Electrical and Instrumentation Package units.

COS has executed so many different kind of skids with different kind of materials (Stainless steel, FBE coated CS and Inconel, alloy materials and Plastic material skids. Congo Online Solutions have wide working Knowledge in Chemical Injection packages for various applications such as Corrosion Inhibitor, Chlorination Injection and Pump Skids.

Modular Skids

A modular process skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows the process system to be easily transported. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple process skids can be combined to create larger process systems.

Based on the application and design the Modular skids are assembled suitable for conventional and unconventional applications.

The Modular skids are Installed both Brown and Green fields development.

The Modular skids classified Gas and Oil and Water Injection skids.

The control, Electrical wiring , Flow meters, Instrumentation, Insulation ,Piping with cladding ,Isolation valves and Wellhead control panels, Ventruri ,Multiphase and ultrasonic Meters and chemical Injection skid with Pump and Gas Detectors and control Shelter with Emergency shutdown PLC ,switch rack Panels ,choke valves are the major part of the skids.

Congo Online Solutions more Efficient to meet the client stringent delivery and design requirements and standards.

Metering Skids

Custody transfer in fluid measurement is defined as a metering point (location) where the fluid is being measured for sale from one party to another.

During custody transfer, accuracy is of great importance to both the company delivering the material and the eventual recipient, when transferring a material A Meter Skid is a special platform on which various devices and instruments are installed. The Meter Skidconsists of pipelines, filters and other equipment necessary for the metering function. Due to the high level of Accuracy requirement the meters are selected based on American Petroleum Institute (API), Specifications and Procedures.

A typical liquid custody transfer skid includes multiple flowmeters and meter provers. Provers are used to calibrate meters in-situ and are performed frequently; typically, before, during, and after a batch transfer for metering assurance.

All monitoring and operations are done by flow computer along with Supervisory Control. All these components are installed and tested offsite. After the successful testing of the skid, it is shipped to the location where it is going to be used and installed as a main metering unit.

COS assures that our team having knowledge doing custody metering skids and its applications.

We have wide experience on Gas Orifice metering and Liquid Metering

Truck Loading Skids

Congo Online Solutions designed Truck Loading Skids to achieve reliable, accurate, and timely transfer operations over a wider range of products while preserving regulatory and safety compliance. Congo Online Solutions executed and delivered skids for both Top & Bottom Loading Skids Applications.

Top Loading Skids

These skids are designed to load the fluid from the top of the Tank. It consists of Top loading arms which permit the transfer of liquid from one tank to another through the manhole on the top of a Tank.

Bottom Loading skids

These skids are designed to load the fluid from the Bottom of the Tank. This system shall be equipped with a local preset device to shut off the flow of product after a predetermined amount has been metered. Bottom loading takes place on the ground, making it inherently safer for the operator.

Application Used

  • Asphalt
  • Gasoline
  • Fuel Oil
  • Diesel etc.


TProvide assurance of continuous product transfer & multi stage flow control rate with recise batch delivery.

Ensure fault-free start up with full factory flow and functionality testing Reduce risk, cost, and time.

ZV Skid

A pressure reduction station (ZV SKID) is used to drop a high supply pressure down to the pressure used by the downstream installation. They operate on liquids, vapors and gases.

The pressure reduction valve is designed to be self-regulating, which means it adjusts the size of the opening through which the liquid, vapor or gas passes so that only enough to cause the necessary downstream pressure is permitted past. The valves work by balancing one force against another. When one force is larger than the other the valve stem moves in the opposite direction.

Two main groups of pressure control valves are available for either pressure reduction or back pressure applications:

  • Self-acting, requiring no external power or input
  • Pneumatically & Electrically actuated with either a pneumatic or electrical control system.

Structural Steel

COS Structural Steel Division has a capacity of over 60 tons per month for the design, fabrication and supply of various steel structures. Our factory is situated across a total area of 1500 square meters in Jolie City, Kolwezi (DRC), with a covered area of 1000 square meters and a yearly capacity of 600 MT.

Our in-house engineering services are equipped with the latest design and detailing software, such as Tekla X-Steel, STAAD pro, and StruCAD 3-D. Our engineers are trained and familiar with international standards and codes such as ASTM, BSS, DIN, and JIS, amongst others.

Products and Services

COS provides complete design, connection design, erection, drawing, detailing, fabrication, surface treatment, supply and delivery of structural steel, including

  • Pipe racks
  • Equipment structures
  • Platforms
  • Steel buildings and shelters
  • Commercial building structure
  • High-rise building structure
  • Boiler structure
  • Miscellaneous steel structure

Design and Engineering

CAll products fabricated and integrated in our work are supported by COS’s own engineering department, which is equipped with latest software and hardware (Tekla Xsteel,STAAD Pro and StruCAD 3-D).

Our Engineers are conversant with all engineering standards as per AISC, ASTM, JIS, DIN, BSS and other international standards. All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and operated by highly skilled manpower.


Since 2015 COS has been one of the Manufacturers and suppliers for underground and aboveground utility tanks and accessories for the safe storage of water, fuel, oil, and other hazardous liquids.

COS’s Storage Tanks division currently has the capacity to design, fabricate, deliver & erect 60-70 Metric Ton Per Annum is incorporated with the latest and most advanced design & manufacturing technology.

Our engineers, fabricators, and welders are committed to provide client with the highest quality tanks in full compliance with regulatory codes. From design and engineering, to manufacturing and construction, we have the knowledge, experiences and capabilities to fulfill client’s requirements.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our industry-leading logistic team ensures the on-time delivery.

Products List & Services

SOur storage solutions for the oil and gas, power, water, wastewater and metals and mining industries include

  • Atmospheric Storage Tanks as per API 650
    • Cone Roof -Self supported or Column Supported
    • Dome Roof
    • Floating Roof Internal & External Pontoon type.
  • Special Tanks as per
    • L-142, AWWA D-100, API-12F
    • Bins and Silos
    • Open Top Tanks

Design Capability

COS’s professional team of Engineers and Detailers specializes in the design, analyze and detail of tanks & vessels based on international codes and standards such as API,ASME, AWWA, UL, etc.

Our Engineering department supports the division from pre-bid design stage to project execution with optimum design, as per required codes to ensure best quality possible for lasting performance, structural integrity and durability against long term corrosion and leakages. We provide best solution to the clients for the following

  • Design of Low Pressure and Atmospheric Tanks as per API 620 & API 650.
  • Design of Water Storage Tanks as per AWWA D100.
  • > Design of aboveground and underground tanks as per UL-142 & UL-58.
  • Design of Internal & External Floating Roof with Elastic / Fatigue Analysis.
  • Design of Tanks with Partition Plates.
  • Design of Venting devices as per API-2000.

Major Software Used

  • AME Tank DCM and 3D: Design and 3D Layout of API650, API 620 & UL 142 Tanks
  • COADE TANK 3.20: Design of API Storage Tanks


We provide complete design, fabrication, assembly and erection at site with the following activities for shutdown & maintenance

Products and Services

COS provides complete design, connection design, erection, drawing, detailing, fabrication, surface treatment, supply and delivery of structural steel, including

  • Weld Overlay for Pressure Vessel internal surface & nozzles
  • Storage Tank – repair and modification as per API 653
  • Heat Exchangers – Maintenance and repair works
  • Air coolers – Cleaning, nozzle replacement and repair of tubes
  • Columns- Replacement of tray support rings, tray floors & other repairs and modification
  • Pipe line construction, repair and modification
  • STG – Steam Turbo Generator – Spare sales & service

COS has established strategic partnerships with a select group of renowned companies to expand and enrich our offerings in the realm of Steam Turbo Generator sales and services.. These partnerships signify our unwavering commitment to providing you with comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to meet your Steam Turbo Generator needs.

Our esteemed partners in this endeavor include

  • TD Power Systems: AC Generators sales & service
  • Kelvion: Tube oil heat exchangers
  • Sigma Group: Condensers
  • Franke Filters: Oil Filters & Spares
  • AlWeilher: Oil Pumps
  • SEW EURODRIVE: Gear drives
  • HYDAC: Filters
  • AIRTECH Europe: Vacuum Pumps
  • KOMA - PARKER: High-pressure oil lubrication systems

Through these strategic alliances, we aim to offer you an unparalleled range of high-quality products and services tailored specifically for Steam Turbo Generators. By leveraging the expertise and capabilities of these industry leaders, we are confident that we will be able to elevate our ability to meet your unique requirements and exceed your expectations.

We are committed to ensuring that these partnerships bring tangible benefits to our valued customers, by enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and performance of your Steam Turbo Generator systems.